Time to check in on my goals for January. Goals in red below:
Taiwan Today: finish Chapter 8

I’m finishing Chapter 8 today, so I’ll call it a success.

Far East IIB: finish Chapter 21

Not only Chapter 21, but the whole book (Chapter 24). Success.

Fuller: Finish Lesson 19

Finishing Lesson 19 today. Success.

PAVC: Finish Book III

Took the test today for the last chapter. Success.

Apply to ICLP

Not yet. Failed. But I still have time.

Finish The Emperor of China and start on Return to Dragon Mountain. (apparently WordPress won’t let me do red italics)

Failed. I’ve been really busy this month, and when I wasn’t busy I was sick. This was kind of a last priority, so no big deal.

So all in all a successful month. A couple failures, but those goals were at the bottom of the list for a reason. I learned upwards of 300 words every week this month, in addition to studying 文言文 harder than I ever have, which has almost pushed me to the point of burnout. I planned on starting a new textbook after finishing Far East III, but I’ll hold off on that. I started it, but I couldn’t stand doing another chapter on 中國的地形與氣候 or 中國的傳統農業經濟制度, or even worse 自由中國和中共的經濟 (this was 20 Lectures on Chinese Culture from the 80’s, published here in Taiwan). Instead, I’ve started reading 哈利波特:神秘的魔法石 (Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone), which is fun and easier than I expected. I’m not setting any goals with that yet, partly because I don’t know how it will go yet (it’s my first book in Chinese), and partly because I want to keep it fun. I’ve also picked up a few supplementary textbooks that I’ll use off and on when the interest strikes, but again I won’t be setting any goals here. One is a book of radio plays with a CD, which is pretty cheesy but decent practice, one is a primer on 書法 which also serves as an upper-intermediate to advanced language textbook, and one is a newspaper reading textbook used at my school.

Anyway, February’s goals:

Taiwan Today: finish Chapter 14 (whole book)
Fuller: Finish Lesson 27
PAVC: Through Book IV Chapter 4
Apply to ICLP (??)
Finish The Emperor of China

Finishing Taiwan Today should be no problem. With Fuller, it depends on how much difficulty I have when I get into the advanced texts (starting in Lesson 25). The PAVC goal is just where my class is scheduled to end this term. My teacher thinks I can skip part of Book IV and start next term at Chapter 11, which would be great (that’s skipping half a term). The ICLP application isn’t due until the end of March, but I want to at least work on it this month, if not finish it. Finishing the Spence book should be no problem this month (fewer extra-curricular obligations), but I don’t know if I want to read another Spence book after that or not.

How was January for you?