I’ve noticed a cool feature on my WordPress dashboard that lets me see what people search for on my blog. One of the more popular searches right now is deportation from Taiwan. I hope whoever was looking for that info got that taken care of with little trouble.

Then there’s a lot of stuff about ICLP (that post needs updating), 20 Lectures on Chinese Culture, and Literary Chinese.

I don’t know what specifically you guys were looking for, but if you didn’t find it, please ask! I may know the answer, or at least where to look. Or I may not.

There have been a few searches about Thought and Society (思想與社會), and advanced text used at ICLP and at MTC. I want to do a write-up on this book soon, but let me just say it’s an outstanding book. If there’s anything you want me to include in the write-up, let me know and I’ll try to include it.

I’ll also be talking about some 文言文 textbooks my English student found for me. They’re aimed at Taiwanese middle school and high school students, and look really great.

But really, if you have any suggestion for a topic, or a question that I might be able to answer, just ask! I can’t guarantee I’ll have anything worthwhile to say, but I’ll try at least.