OK, April’s goals were:

Mini Radio Plays (class): we’ll probably finish Lesson 10

Finished Lesson 9 today. My teacher controls this, so no pass or fail here.
TOCC: Finish Lesson 6

Failed. Finished Lesson 2, but I did a bunch of extra stuff, so no sweat.

New Radio Plays: Finish Lesson 3 (maybe 4)

Failed. Finished Lesson 2. Need to work more with this, it’s pretty good.

Shadick: Who knows? As far as I can get through.

“As far as I can get through” didn’t happen, because I wasn’t very consistent. I’ve read through Lesson 10. I also read 文言文 from other books, so again, no sweat.

Chinese Moral Tales: should be able to finish.

I dip into this occasionally. It isn’t something I’m really focusing on, so no big deal that I only did a few lessons.


Lots of failures. But I did a lot of other stuff too. Lots of reading, etc. I read 孔乙己 a few days ago, and it was my first full short story in Chinese. I tried reading it not long before I moved to Taiwan, and I believe it took me an hour or so just to finish the first paragraph. It took me a good bit less than an hour to finish the whole thing this time. Sweet.

Here are my goals for May:

1. Mini Radio Plays (class): We should finish, and maybe start on Newspaper I.
2. TOCC: Finish Lesson 7
3. New Radio Plays: Finish Lesson 6
4. Shadick: At least through Lesson 22. Finishing would be better.
5. Keep reading, or finish, Harry Potter.
6. Keep up with SRS reviews.
7. Keep reading other stuff.

My mom is visiting us toward the end of this month, so that’s going to cut into my study time a bit. We’ll see how I do. Another goal is to get a 75 or higher on my final exam this term. If I do that I can take Thought and Society this summer. If not, it will probably be Newspaper I.

Since the year is one-third finished, I’d like to review my original goals for the year:

My main goal for spoken Chinese this year was to start Thought and Society in the winter term (December). The fact that I may be able to take it 6 months earlier is pretty exciting. When I came to MTC, I started in PAVC Book 2. Had I started in Book 2 at ICLP, I’d be taking Thought and Society this summer. So I’ve more or less kept pace with ICLP. I’ve applied to start at ICLP in the fall, but I’m still undecided whether I’ll do it or not. I’m leaning towards not doing it, because I’m not on a severe time crunch (I still have at least another 2 years in Taiwan) and I’d like to save money.

However, I think I’ll only take Thought and Society this summer if I’ve studied a good portion of TOCC first. This will allow me to be able to discuss things in class more easily, and I believe that’s important to be able to do, especially in a more advanced, academically-focused book like this.

My goal for reading was to at least begin The Independent Reader. This should be no problem, since I plan to start it after finishing Thought and Society. I may or may not take this in class, who knows?

For 文言文, my stated goal was to read “a good portion” of 四書 and 古文觀止. I’m revising that a bit. I want to get a good start on 古代漢語 by 王力. The textbooks include quite a bit from 四書 and 古文觀止, but I won’t be focusing on those books specifically. I also have some middle school and high school 文言文 textbooks that I plan on working through sometimes.

I said I needed to get started on the PhD application process, but that can wait since I’m going to be here longer than I planned. I may try to do my MA in Taiwan, so if that’s the case I’ll have even more time (and guidance).

Anyway, maybe this month will be more focused.