So here were June’s goals:

1. Mini Radio Plays (class): We should finish, and maybe start on Newspaper I.

Done. Didn’t start on Newspaper I because it took us right up until the end of the term to finish 迷你廣播劇.

2. TOCC: Finish Lesson 7

Nope. I did through Lesson 5. Should finish the book this month, at least as far as listening and reading through it. I also plan on going back to lesson 1 and memorizing large portions of it, especially the sentence patterns, so that I can actually say these sorts of things in real life. This will be very important for the class I’m in this term (more on that in another post).

3. New Radio Plays: Finish Lesson 6

No! I got sick of this one, mainly because of the ridiculous accent, a sort of weird Mainland-Taiwan hybrid that the teachers here will swear up and down is the “Taiwanese Standard”. They may be right, but show me someone who actually talks like that in real life and I can almost guarantee they teach Mandarin to foreigners. I may go back to this at some point to get some of the sentence patterns, but for now the TOCC audio has more than enough of that accent for me.

I have replaced this with listening to old 黑米公主 podcasts for now, and I’ll be looking for some other stuff to listen to at some point. For now, she’s easy to understand, and the range of topics she discusses is big enough to keep me interested, so I’ll keep listening.

4. Shadick: At least through Lesson 22. Finishing would be better.

Nope! Wow, I really sucked last month. I hardly got anywhere with this book, though so far June is going much better.

5. Keep reading, or finish, Harry Potter.

I lost interest here. I know the story too well, so there was no real desire to find out what happens, so my interest just sort of fizzled out. The good news is, I haven’t quit reading. It just isn’t Harry Potter. It’s newspapers, comic books, weekly news magazines, etc. I’m also thinking about reading either 《雪山飛狐》, which is a 金庸 novel, or 《明朝那些事兒》, a series of books about the 明 dynasty. If I read the latter it will probably only be the first volume, which, at over 450 pages, is quite an undertaking anyway. Fortunately the language is pretty simple.

6. Keep up with SRS reviews.

I’ve done OK with that, except while my mom was here. I’m still trying to catch up after that.

7. Keep reading other stuff.

Like I said above, I’ve been reading a lot.

So yeah. Pretty bad month as far as my goals go. I’m just going to chalk up the whole Spring term at MTC as a loss for me. As my favorite author said, “So it goes.”

But really, I did improve a lot as far as listening comprehension. And that’s a big part of why I chose the class. I just didn’t do what I needed to do outside of class in order to improve in other areas. But I’m going to make a separate post about how my last term went and how this new one is so far, so let’s just get to June’s goals:

1) Finish listening and reading TOCC, continue working on sentence patterns
2) Shadick through lesson 29. Maybe occasionally use the junior high 文言文 textbooks I have.
3) Read a lot from newspapers, magazines, websites, and either 雪山飛狐 or 明朝那些事兒.
4) Listen to podcasts and watch TV shows, at least some every day.
5) Assimil Japanese through Lesson 30.

Yeah, Japanese. Time to get serious.