I think deportation may be one of the most commonly searched-for things on this blog. My post about my own experience is one of my more popular pages. It’s also currently the #6 result when you Google “How not to get deported” (without quotes, #3 with them). This worries me. Taiwan is such a small country, that page should not rank that high.

Don’t do whatever it is you’re doing that’s causing a need to search for this! And if you read my post on it, please do not take it as advice, because the odds are overwhelmingly against you.

But one thing I can tell you is, don’t deal with the guy with the military-style haircut (he was at desk #5 last time I was there). If you have any sort of problem, take a number, take a lap around the office, and then take another number. When your first number comes up, if it’s him, just wait until your second number comes up. He’s really awful to deal with.