OK, so last month I didn’t set out a list of goals like I usually have. Instead I talked about what I was doing and broad, general goals for the next few months. Here’s an update on how that’s going.

I talked about making a “textbook” out of a TV show. I really enjoyed doing that, and I think it’s a good idea. For later. What I really need more than anything right now is to work being able to speak naturally and fluidly. I was getting some of that with the TV show thing, but not enough. I’m still watching the show sometimes during my commute, but I’m replacing the hard study time with something else, which I’ll get to in my next post.

My class is going well, although slowly. In some ways that’s bad, because it can be boring. But in some ways it’s good, because it means I don’t have to do a lot outside of class in order to keep up, so I have time to devote to other things. The palaeography class I’m auditing is good, and the reading for the class is interesting. Right now I’m reading a book on historical Chinese phonology called 《古音之旅》, which is really interesting. Still trucking along with 文言文 too.

I mentioned studying Japanese. I’m undecided on that right now. It’s more a time thing than anything right now, and I’ll have more time starting in November, so I’ve already got it pretty much set in stone that I’ll be studying Japanese then. For now, I may do a bit here and there, but it isn’t a priority.

I also said I need to work on my cultural knowledge. I’ve bought some introductory 國學 books, which will hopefully fill in some of that, at least as far as traditional culture goes. I’m also trying to learn more about Taiwan’s history. On the other hand I should watch more TV, read more pop culture stuff, etc. There’s a cafe I’ve been going to which has stacks of periodicals related to the artsy scene in Taipei, so I pick those up and read them sometimes. I need to do more. Really, if I can convert more of my non-studying, English using time into non-studying, Chinese-using time, that will go a long way toward this.

My goal for the upcoming howeverlong is simply to continue. I don’t have a set schedule, because most of what I’m doing these days can’t be broken into simple units like textbook chapters. But I feel like everything I’m doing right now is putting me on the right path, so I just want to continue. Continue reading 文言文, continue reading books in my field, continue working on speaking (upcoming post), continue immersing myself in the culture. Just keep pushing everything as hard as I can.